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Kingfish Fishing In Miami

Kingfish Fishing in Miami and Miami Beach

We call them kingfish or kings. They are in the mackerel family. If you look in fishing books or a fish identification guide, they'll be called king mackerel. Regardless of how you refer to them, they are silver missiles that will launch themselves skyward when striking surface baits or baits flown from a kite.

In the Miami and Miami Beach area we have two distinct runs of kingfish. One run occurs in the fall and the other in the spring. The fall run will have large quantities of kings that mostly consist of what are called snake kings. These are fish in the 5 - 8 pound class that zip lots of line off your reel and are fun to catch. Mixed in with them will be fish up to 30 pounds. The spring run features fish that average 10 - 15 pounds with plenty of fish up to 50 pounds mixed in. These fish will have you watching line melt off your reel at an alarming rate before they slow down.

Kingfish Fishing Guide Miami, FL

During the rest of the year, we have kingfish available, but not in huge quantities. The kings we catch during the summer are found out in deeper water and that's when the downrigger and bottom rod outfits shine.

During the winter when we're sailfishing, the kingfish makes a nice fill in while we are waiting for the sail bites. Some hardcore sailfish anglers consider them a nuisance as their sharp teeth will make quick work of cutting through a mono leader. The way I look at it is that when fishing is slow, the kingfish bite is most welcome. When the rod bends over severely and line is screaming off the reel, most people really could care less what species of fish it is. They're just thrilled that they get a chance to catch a fish. The kingfish does a great job of accomplishing this.

Kingfish Fishing Boat in Miami Beach, FL

As table fare, most people either love them or don't care too much for them. I guess this could be said of most fish. They have a strong fishy taste and are best when eaten the same day they are caught. Many people say that soaking them in milk will remove that strong taste. They make a fantastic tasting smoked kingfish dip. There are numerous recipes for making the dip and most everyone has their own way of tweaking the recipes to suit their individual taste. Regardless, I have never tasted a kingfish dip that I haven't liked.

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