First Salwater Fishing Trip For Young Angler - June 2020 - Miami, FL

Date: 2020-06-27

grouper|miami wreck fishing Adam and Zion (Z-Man) fished a half day offshore and an evening tarpon trip with me over the past two days. This was Zion's first saltwater fishing trip. On the half day offshore, we started with catching a variety of live bait that included herring, blue runners, and goggle eyes. With bait accomplished, we headed offshore and dropped on several wrecks. At the first one, Z-Man caught his first grouper. Several different wrecks later, he caught his first amberjack, bringing it up from 205 feet. The evening tarpon trip started out with trying to find a clear spot in all the weed to put out our baits. We marked several tarpon on the side scan and saw a few more rolling. It would only be a matter of time before we would hook up if only we could keep our baits clean of any weed. Once the sun set and we got into the dusk period, I reset our drift. In less than a minute, we were hooked up. Now it was time for Zion to show the tarpon who was boss. In the beginning, it was the tarpon. Slowly the Z-Man started gaining line. After about 10 minutes, we got a leader catch. Now it was time to get some more pictures. The tarpon took off and moved to the deep water of the main channel. Adam gave Zion a break for a few minutes while a cargo ship passed by us coming into port. The Z-Man got back on the rod and finished the deal. I grabbed the leader and released the tarpon. Mission accomplished, goal met.

Captain Dave Kostyo

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